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Quran recitation with Tajweed
Enable kids, adults & new muslims all over the world to Learn the Quran
Listen in English, Arabic and Urdu languages.
Listen & learn quran, Read quran, quran recitation & translation with tajweed.
Recite the Quran and observing the rules that apply to those letters.
Easily listen, watch and Read quran Online
Quran Read is an online source for delivering Quran lessons for those Muslims who live in a non-Muslim area and are unable to attend there local mosque, so the true teachings of Quran may be delivered to them through online Quran lessons.

Quran learning with Tajweed
The word Tajweed linguistically means ‘proficiency’ or ‘doing something well’. When applied to the Quran, it means giving every letter of the Qur’an its rights and dues of characteristics.

Watch Recitation of the Quran Online
Watch and learn from learned scholars reciting the Quran with the correct Tajweed. Scholars from around the world read the Quran beautifully and correctly according to Tajweed.

Listen to Recitation of Quran Online
The holy quran was revealed with Tajweed rules applied. When the angel Jibreel ((AS)) recited the words of Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) he recited them in a certain way.

Download Recitation of the Quran
Download the Quran in either part or full from the many different respected scholars from around the world. Many different voices and ways to correctly read the Quran.
Online Quran Reading
Listen, Watch and Learn the Quran Online...
The Holy Quran
Quran Read allows you to quickly learn the Quran!
Thousands of muslims have benefited from learning to read Quran and learn Quran with Tajweed.
Learn to read Quran at your own schedule and pace.
Learn the Quran on your Mobile
there are plenty of mobile apps for your Andriod OR iPhone that will allow you to learn the Quran. You can quickly and easily learn the Quran from the comfort of your own home. Its perfect for those that cannot attend there local masjid.

The apps also allow you to learn the Quran with correct Tajweed and many have audio included which further allows you to learn the Quran correctly.
Read the Quran Privatly
Read the quran in the comfort of your own home in privacy. This allows you to concentrate fully without distractions.

The Holy Quran is the last and final message of Almighty Allah (SWT) through His Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon Him), which guarantees success for mankind in this world and life hereafter. Allah Almighty has laid down all the laws of valuable knowledge, good deeds and prosperity of the whole mankind in His Book (Quran).
Man reading Qur'an
Watch, Listen and Learn the Quran
Develop close affinity with Holy Quran and to understand it is the most important need of the hour. When a man starts learning or teaching the Holy Quran, the doors of spiritual satisfaction and solace start opening in his heart. Holy Quran makes the character of its reader unprecedented and exemplary.

And indeed We have made the Qur’an easy for direction and guidance, but is there anyone who will take advice?”

(Sura Al-Qamar 54, verse # 17)
That’s Cool… But What ways can I learn Quran Online?
Below are some of the ways you can Learn the Quran online
All knowledge originates from the Holy Quran. This is the basic truth of Islamic doctrine of knowledge.

Listen to Quran Reading
Listen to Quran recitation while you read the meaning. Listen with Quran translations in your own language.

Watch Quran Reading
Videos illustrate how the Quran is read with correct Tajweed. Learn and follow the videos to correct your Tajweed.

Learn correct Tajweed
Learning how to recite the Qur'an correctly is an obligatory act upon EVERY Muslim.

Read Quran Readings
Learn to recite the Quran with Tajweed. Learn how to pronounce your Prayer correctly.
Quran Read Online Helps You With Learning The Quran!
Latest technology and the latest Quran teaching methods. Thousands of muslims have benefited from and have learned to read Quran and learn Quran with Tajweed.
Now students of any age in any country can learn to read Quran at their own schedule and pace.
Amazing Recitation of Surah Fatiha
Learn Surah Al-Fatihah (The Opener) of the Quran It is named Al-Fatihah, the Opening – because it opens the Book and by it the recitation in prayer commences.
Learn Surat Al-Fatiha with Correct Tajweed
Sheikh Ra'ed teaches everyone (children or adults) how to recite and memorize the Qur'an with the correct Tajweed.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is Online Quran Learning effective?
Learn quran online is an easy way for you and your kids to learn Quran. Learning the Holy Quran Online is a new idea, as it is one of the dynamic distance learning tools. It is more effective than the face to face learning.

Who Can Learn Quran Online?
People of all ages even a child of 4-1/2 years old can learn Quran online. Muslims AND non-muslims from around the world can learn the Quran from the comfort of there own homes.
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